The Joy Academy

Joy Academy

The Joy Academy is a year-round school which emphasizes language development, offers functional life skills and stimulates socialization of young adults.

The Joy Academy provides trained staff and excellent personal care in southwest Tulsa and Owasso. Our hope is to eventually serve students and their families throughout the Tulsa area.


What you Can Expect

Our Goal

The Joy Academy’s goal for each student is to keep them learning throughout life while focusing on individual self-improvement abilities so they can maintain their maximum independence.

General Premise

The Joy Academy serves young adults with profound intellectual and/or multiple disabilities (PIMD) by offering functional language experiences while encouraging them to stay alert.

All students are motivated to participate in group projects, hone individualized skill-based activities, become involved in team building with their family and be included in mutual community awareness. The Joy Academy maintains trained and qualified staff, with a low adult-student ratio (1-2.5).

Daily routines, reinforced by planned programming, helps to create a steady flow for the families’ life and an interesting and joy-filled school experience.  The Joy Academy’s services are varied and cover a wide range of individual needs. By using current events, the mornings are geared toward enhanced language skills, making choices, and adapted sensory or life skills. The afternoons are structured around individual interests such as games, technology, and lots of music. We love to dance and karaoke to everyone’s favorite song.  

general premise


Our young adults find a place to belong day in and day out.

Building friendships is a key to self-awareness and filling our days with fun and laughter.



We include musical therapy in our program as part of their language development and social interaction.

We listen to and sing to a wide variety of music. It doesn’t take much for us to sing silly songs, or dance to our favorite country and western music and pop songs. SoCom is a music therapy provided to us by Oral Roberts University Music Therapy Department.



Reading and exploring stories is an important part of language building.

It is exciting to hear the students echo portions of a predictable book, laugh at silly characters  or act out a scene from a popular book. Books Rock!



Our electives include arts and crafts, cooking, science experiments, Bible stories, animal care, seasonal activities and much more.




The Tulsa Hills Joy Academy is currently full and not taking any students. The Owasso Joy Academy has immediate openings. As we expand and grow, we hope more facilities around the city and/or state will become available. Download our Application of Interest.


Tuition payment is due on the first of every month. Make payments out to Joys To The World, Inc.

Two Options

Half-Time: (20 hours per week) Regular attendance schedules (days and times) depend on availability at any location. Half-time tuition is $696 per month. 

Full-Time: (40 hours per week) Regular attendance schedules depend on availability at any location. Full-time tuition is $1,392 per month.

Available times: year round; Monday through Friday; 8 AM to 5 PM


At this time Joys To The World does not have scholarships to help with tuition. Transportation to and from The Joy Academy is the responsibility of the parents or guardians. Parents/guardians need to provide lunch, drinks and a snack everyday for their student.